With Smart Mats Studio’s FAQ, you can learn everything about our antibacterial mat collection and the creation of a mat in your own custom design. If your question is not in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us.


We have 3 different mats and they are:

The Curly Coil Mat is most often used as a door or pet mat.  The material is  made of BPA free polypropylene.  Advantages to these products include:  an antibacterial agent in the material, a patented mold with moisture dam, soft poly loops clean feet/shoes and trap moisture, sand, and/or dirt, a durable non-slip backing with an 8MM depth that lays flat. In addition the material is weather and mildew proof, UV and fade resistant,  massaging/cushioning,  and easy to clean with water (hose/sink).

Art Mats  are most often used indoors to decorate with and to protect floors.   This matte finish PVC material is smooth and can easily be printed on to capture photographs and/or intricate art should you want to upload imagery and customize your mat.   Made of 100% BPA free 4MM PVC vinyl, is easy  to clean with soap and water.  This material’s weight allows it to lay flat and its backing is slip-resistant.   Our Art Mat Collection provides  an exciting, more contemporary  alternative to traditional rugs and we have a wide variety of designs to choose from.  (This material is not antibacterial)

Yoga and Exercise Mats  antibacterial yoga mats  provide both fashion and function.  Out mats are made with  BPA free, 6MM PVC that has an antibacterial agent embedded into the material.   The material surface has a leather like texture that helps  with hand and foot traction.   The almost smooth surface allows for photographic or intricate artwork to be replicated should you want to create a custom mat.  Otherwise we have a gallery of  wonderful designs to choose from.  Every mat is sold with a shoulder strapped tote belt for easy carrying. 

Use Of Mats

The 3 mat types fall into many different uses.

Curly Coil Mats-  This antibacterial mat is multi-functional.  Use by your front door, on your boat, by your pool, in the laundry room, next to your kitchen sink or when you are gardening to capture moisture, dirt, or sand.  Great for dogs and cats to sleep on as they are massaging and cooling.  Perfect in crates, under your pet’s feeding bowls, and under cat litter containers to catch litter, kibble, and moisture.   Weatherproof ,  UV resistant, fashionable and durable, our mats are easy to clean, do not shed, and do not harbor  mildew. Lastly our patented water dam mold allows for excessive moisture to be trapped.

Art Mats are great for the printing of any photograph or intricate artwork.  We love these mats as they add panache and color into a room while they protect floors.   It is easy to clean these mats with soap and water and they are durable and non-sli

Yoga or Exercise Mats are antibacterial and so stylish.  They are great to take to the gym, to a friend’s house  or to a spa.  The PVC material has an antibacterial agent embedded into the material to protect you from germs when you leave your home.    The mat is slightly texturized with a leather-like surface to stop your feet and hands from slipping.   The  almost smooth surface enables the printing of words, photographs, and artwork should you choose to customize your mat.  Our gallery of aspirational mats are also sure to inspire excellence during your workouts.

All of our mats are so easy to wash either with a hose or in the sink.  For stubborn dirt add some dishwashing liquid to the water.  For the yoga mats we recommend wiping them down with a damp cloth and a small amount  antibacterial spray.


All mats are made to order, we don’t carry stock in the hope that someone will buy it. You are unique and your choices are also. Normal production will be completed within 17 days and you can expect to receive it (them) within the next 7 days or before.

We have extensively tested the inks  so they will be UV resistant.  The warmer colors-red and pink do slightly fade if they are in direct sunlight.

Coconut mats have a habit of shedding and losing their tufts.  This material is known to get discolored and moldy over time when left outside becoming unattractive and a health hazard if the mold takes hold. Our mats have none of these issues and provide a safe and clean alternative that is easily maintained


If your question is not in our FAQ, feel free to contact Smart Mats Studio.