About us

We exist to help protect homes, families, and friends


Below is our family including those with the 4 legs!   I so treasure the love we all share!  My family is my largest fan base, always supporting my entrepreneurial visions.

Daphne & Chauncy

Annette ( Mom ) & Poppy

Robin Feldman(sister) & Gianni

I have always been entrepreneur at heart, and I thank goodness my husband supported that leap from my corporate job.  (Little did he know how many hours of IT support I desperately would need from him!)  As a result,  I have had a thriving product development company for about the past 10 years building unique brands and products for US and overseas companies. During this frightening time with COVID19, I decided to build a business that would help combat bacteria, etc. Smart Mats Studio™ was born after working with a favorite factory to develop an antibacterial mat collection that would be fashionable as well as multi-functional, weatherproof, and easy to clean. 

We are offering a gallery of designs that are perfect to use at your front door, by the beach, poolside, on a boat, and in a garden, etc. The curly coil material is wonderful as it traps dirt, sand, and moisture and still looks great without shredding or becoming moldy.

Our furry children-Daphne, Chauncy, Poppy, and Gianni above are on our pet ”Advisory Board.”  They attest to loving to lie on the curly coil mats as they are massaging and cooling.  They are also great in crates and underfeeding bowls as they trap “liquid”, kibble,  & litter in addition to passing dirt and drool. Robin, living in her NYC apartment loves that they are easy to keep clean by just putting them in the sink with soapy water.

We all bring our own stylish antibacterial mats to yoga class and being asked where they can be bought.  Mom proudly answers this question for me while I smile.    We love customizing our mats with a monogram and give them as gifts.  They are always such a hit with our friends whether they are an exercise, pet, or everyday mat.   We just feel comforted knowing our mats will not harbor any unwanted germs for us to bring unknowingly home!

Our Promise


ECO friendly and chemical resistant material, durable and crush resistant


Patented 3D water dam design can store more disinfectant and keep that in the mat. 


Effectively catches dirt and debris from footwear


Ideal for entrance of Homes, Pet Crates, Gyms, Stores, Spa, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Rooms, Pet Day etc.


Trend Right

Linda & Barry Simpson